Monday, September 7, 2009

Thanks to all

I am still learning this blogging sorry if I am a little slow or sloppy.  Thanks to those who have given me such great stories, words of encourgment and support.  Thanks for the media tip as well, I will look into it.

My mother is now having to have monthly blood test on top of everything else.  I have asked her to look into filing for Medical Assistance, she said she would.  I even suggested her to move in with me, but I live in a large metro area and she might be willing but my step-father isn't. 

I have been following the new potential compromise of healthcare; the so called "trigger" plan.  It just seems to delay the inevitable.  I hope the President's speech on Wednesday will get things moving in a more postive direction toward real reform.  Everytime I hear a person or an elected official say the only way to save money is use private insurance, I want to scream.  We have been hearing that same argument since how long and look where it has got us.  It is easy for them in Washington to say this, since they don't have to pay for it.  I want them to have to go on an HMO and get referals for every little thing.  Then they will see how messed up this system is.  That's if they can get insurance considering how many probaly have pre-existing conditions.

To date I have not received any contact from the President's office, from any of the Senate including mine, nor have I received any contact from media.  I will look into the tip I was given and keep plugging away.

Thanks to you all of and your support,



  1. I have health insurance but I know I could lose it if bluecross ever decides I'm too expensive to keep. I also have family members with no insurance and I don't know how they do it. I pray that Washington will do what is right and good and pass the public option. And finanly, to my Christian brothers and sisters who so vehemently oppose this reform, I have 2 questions for you: How much did Jesus charge for healing the sick? And aren't we supposed to try and be more like him?

    Matt from Oswego, IL

  2. Corey I stand with you and your mom. I too am ill. I have been writing and no response. My story did appear on the huffington post. Healthcare for all.

  3. Corey I read your story about your mom. Tears are not enough. Please contact Arthur Delany of the Huffington Post to get your story out there. My story was published. People need to hear the real people who do not have healthcare are that are underinsured.!!!!

  4. Corey,

    When I was in my late 'teens, I had private insurance that my dad was paying for. After I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, they started doubling my premiums every three months until my dad could no longer afford to pay them. Now I'm on Medicaid and I couldn't be happier with the coverage I get.

    I agree with you when you say that private for-profit health insurance is a failure. The only people who can get coverage are those who don't need it, while those of us who require long-term health care for illness end up being priced right out of the market. Something's gotta give, and my experience suggests that the public option would serve as a good safety valve against the abuses of the for-profit medical industry that we see today.

    However, when it comes to the latest "reform" proposals in Congress, I have to say that the Democrats have completely lost my support on this issue.

    When Obama was campaigning, he said he would oppose fines and support the public option for people who couldn't afford insurance.

    But now, the Baucus plan gives us the exact opposite: No public assistance for people who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford private insurance, and if you can't afford insurance, then it's "tough ta-ta's" to you, because you're going to get hit with a stiff fine of up to $3,800.

    Here in Texas, we have a similar plan for auto liability insurance. This plan has been in place for most or all of my adult life, and it has yet to result in universal coverage. Instead, it has resulted in thousands of poor people across the state getting hit with stiff fines when they can't afford coverage, and insurance itself is less affordable, because our insurance companies are operating under a mandatory system in which the consumer doesn't have the option to refuse to do business with them if the industry's rates are too high. If anything, under this system there are more uninsured Texas drivers, not less.

    California, on the other hand, has a "Pay at the Pump" plan, which provides universal basic auto liability coverage, which is financed by a tax on fuel.

    Gas costs a few cents more in California than in Texas, but I'll gladly pay the extra nickel a gallon for the assurance that if some guy runs a red light and hits me tomorrow, I won't have to worry about whether he's insured.

    Forget the "death panels", forget the "goverment takeover" rhetoric and all of the other hysterical hype that spouts from the Fox News Channel. I speak as a strong supporter of universal health care, and as someone who has never voted Republican -- not even ONCE -- in the 23 years since I first voted, when I say that this Baucus plan is a horror the likes of which Stephen King couldn't dream up on a bad mushroom trip, and if the Democrats in Congress pass it and Obama signs it, I for one will never vote for another Democrat for as long as I live.

    --- Gos
    "Nobody here but us heretics..."