Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thank you Mark

Mark your comment was the kind of information that I am looking for.  The truth of the uninsured is not getting out there completely.  Please keep the stories coming.


  1. Corey I feel for you and your plight. My daughter is also uninsured. She lost her employer offered health insurance when she was laid off due to the economy. She did the right thing by purchasing health insurance as a private citizen. But due to issues that arose in trying to complete the paper work, she had a phone interview and they completed the final application by phone. Due to a chronic condition they limited what they would cover to begin with. Then she had to have a procedure done and went ahead with it because she had discussed the condition on her phone interview. After receiving the billl for $5,000 for a 15 minute procedure, the insurance company decided that due to the fact the on the ORIGINAL application this condition was not mentioned she had lied to the company and removed her from their roles. She had discussed this condition in the phone interview, but the insurance company convienently has no record of that phone interview, regardless of the fact that she has the phone bill for a 43 minute call. Now she has been turned down by 3 other companies for private insurance and her life insurance has decided to double her rates because she has no health insurance.
    This is happening to all people across this country. I certainly hope that we can get this issue solved soon. My daughter is not asking for a handout with insurance, she wants to pay an affordable price for decent health care.

  2. — Corey Rogers
    David Brooks
    "Some Republicans say the Democratic bills would create death panels. I wish. I’m pro-death panel. We spend so much money on end of life care we have to have some way of talking about it."

    save yourself a buck, snuff your mom out.

  3. Too bad anonymous doesn't have the balls to sign his comment- even with just a user name. You're despicable.
    Coey, God willing, this will pass. Praying for your mom and for you.

  4. Stacey D
    Did you not read Corey Rogers
    That was meant in the third person of NY Times David Brooks which is pushing Obama care. Read the passed House version, the Senate has now 3 versions to confuse you and pull the ole bait and switch.
    Yes the apparatus for Death Panels are clearly there.
    'save yourself a buck, snuff your mom out'
    was euphemism of what David Brooks and white house Eugenist,John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, “Doctor Death,” Ezekiel Emanuel.
    Recognize the devil before you make any deals with him.