Sunday, August 30, 2009

Update on contacts

Unfortunately I have gotten now responses back from our government or media except for auto-replies.  I didn't expect a quick turn around on this issue, espeically now since sadly Ted Kennedy died.  I had the great fortune to meet him a few times only in passing.  He will be missed.

My Mom is still sadly in the same position.

I hope other people will share their stories as well.  If you want you can attach them here, I would welcome them.


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  1. Hi.

    I found myself thinking about you and your mom today. I wondered, have you been in touch with Veronica De La Cruz? Her brother, Eric, was profiled in Science Tuesday of the New York Times on Sept. 1. Although his story had a very sad ending, I thought of Veronica because she became very experienced at getting media coverage. You can reach her on Twitter at @VeronicaDLCruz

    Other possibilities that came to mind were Huffingtonpost, the Daily Beast,,,, hullabaloo (you can find most of these listed at the bottom of the huffingtonpost's home page), your local tv station, your congressman, senator, and state representative (if they have a local office somwhere in your state, when you call you might be able to reach an actual human),, and Well, those were what came to mind; you may have already contacted them, but I thought I'd pass them on just in case.

    In any event, I'm sorry for what you and your mom are going through, and wish you the best. Wish I could do more.